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Designed by SULO to withstand the pressures of Australia Grab-lifters

Flexible is desirable!

The SULO 240L KSB offers all the traditional advantages of an MGB system but with improved operational
safety and reliability for today’s collection services.

The introduction of traditional wheelie bins changed the way the world collected garbage.

Modern collection vehicles place stress on collection containers as a result of the acceleration forces produced during lifting, which are significantly higher on side arm loader vehicles commonly used in Australia.

The strain on a collection container is enormous. The SULO 240 Litre KSB incorporates a unique column structure that disperses the stress whilst allowing the container to flex and absorb the pressure.

  • UV Stabilised plastic for zero colour fade and helps the plastic from becoming brittle leading to shattering and cracking.

  • Designed with a flexible body structure to accommodate side-arm lifting mechanisms commonly found on modern bin emptying trucks.

  • Footstep at rear assists in tilting the bin especially with heavy loads.

  • Large easy grip handles for maximum comfort.

  • Dual axle support point housings provides maximum wheel box strength.

  • Side-combing finger grips for easier handling and to operator's keep fingers clear of the "Spider Zone" (under-rim).

  • Designated lifting zone for instant driver recognition.

  • Textured finish on lifting columns for improved grip during lifting.

  • Bodies available in Nature and Dark Green colours, can be fitted with a lid colour of your choice.

  • Extremely long lasting and hard wearing.

  • Zinc plated axles to prevent rust.

  • Wheelie Bin Security Locks available


Quality Assurance:

  • Certified according to EN840 

  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with AS4123



  • Easy & ergonomic to manoeuvre

  • Versatile, with a comprehensive accessories range

  • Very stable due to external position of wheels

  • Safe & easy to handle for the user

  • Suitable for all DIN lifting / tipping equipment

  • Double angle rail for greater safety & strength when emptying

  • Compatible with identification & weighing systems

  • Special rib struts prevent containers from becoming jammed when stacked for transport or storage.

240L KSB wheelie bin sizes.png
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