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Wheelie bin tow-hitch for long or steep driveways!

Designed with strength and usability in mind, the Bin Hitch is simply attached to the handles of your bin and then to the tow ball of a car.


There is no more need to drag your bin up and down long or steep driveways, you can now easily tow the bin behind your car.


  • The Bin Hitch can remain on the bin at all times without interfering in the collection process.

  • It provides a larger handle for a better grip and also assists to keep the lid open, preventing slamming.

  • The unique patented design of the bin hitch provides a safe and secure solution.

  • Acts as a handle Easily attaches onto a standard 50mm tow ball.

How to use the Bin Hitch

  1. With the bin lid closed hook the bin hitch onto the handle of the bin, click firmly into place.

  2. Lower the bin and attach the bin hitch to the tow ball of the vehicle, ensuring a secure fit.

  3. Tow the bin to the desired location.

  4. Remove the bin hitch from the tow ball and position the bin ready for collection.


Please Note: This product is not designed for use on public roads, do not exceed 15kms/hr during travel.

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