Wheelie Bin Colour Range

We often get asked what colour shade our wheelie bins are produced in, so to prevent any confusion, we decided to take photos of the bins in the sun light and launch them here on the website... 

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Standard Colours

Dark Green

  • Most common Household General Waste wheelie bin.
Sizes Available:
 360L 240L 140L 120L 80L 60L

Light Green

  • Matching Lids also available
  • Usual Recycling wheelie bin combination shown
Sizes Available:
 360L 240L 140L 120L 80L 60L

Dark Grey

  • Charcoal Grey
Sizes Available:
240L 140L 120L 80L 

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Rubbish Colour Codes

Check the Australian Standard for Waste Stream Body & Lid Colour Combination -
Click Here


Special Colours

  • Bright Hi-Vis option
Sizes Available:
  240L 120L


  • Spill kit / Safety Option
Sizes Available:
 240L 140L 120L 80L 60L

  • Sky Blue
Sizes Available:
 360L 240L 140L 120L 80L 60L


  • Fire Engine Red
Sizes Available:
 240L 140L 120L 80L 60L


  • Medical (Cytotoxic) Waste Colour
Sizes Available:
 240L 120L 


  • Solid White Shown
  • Food Grade Opaque (Colourless Virginal Plastic) also available +80L size.
Sizes Available:
240L 120L 80L

A note on Food Grade Bins:  Food Grade Wheelie Bins are made from non-coloured virgin plastic that is vaguely transparent but has the appearance of being white.



Sizes Available:

240L  120L


Sizes Available:
240L 140L 120L 60L



Sizes Available:

 240L 120L 80L 60L