BinKill Wheelie Bin Insecticide & Deodorizer

  • Last up to 3 months- so effective for a full season
  • Kills Flies and Maggots in Wheelie Bins
  • Easily attach BinKill to the handle of the wheelie bin and the BinKill will dangle inside the top rear section of the wheelie bin, dispersing the active chemical. 
  • Active chemicals are DICHLORVOS (Insecticide) & NAPHTHALENE (Deodorizer and Carrier).
  • Tested with the Northern Territory Department of Health Entomology has shown a 100% knockdown of maggots and flies. (Flies after 20 minutes, maggots in five hours).
  • MSDS Available Here

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Wheelie Bin Insecticide & Deodorizer