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Water Wheelie Bins now available at David Grays

Posted by Nicholas Gray on Monday, October 18, 2010 is pleased to announce they now have wheelie bins for water capture available for purchase from David Gray's Trade Centre, at 99 Garling St, O'Connor (Perth Western Australia).

The Water Wheelie Bins are a new product to be added to our extensive list here at David Grays, they feature a 140 Litre modified SULO wheelie bin, fitted with various hoses and fittings which allow the user to capture up to 140 Litres of water, then move the water out into the garden and hose it directly onto plants.

Given changing climatic conditions thanks to the forces of "El Nino" and "La Nina" leading to less and less  predictable rainfall, water is becoming harder and harder to secure. The water capture wheelie bin allows people the opportunity to capture excess water from various sources around the home and transfer onto fruit plantations or your garden beds. 

So be Water Wise and think about purchasing a Water Wheelie Bin today!

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