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Water Tank Wheelie Bins Available!

Posted by Nicholas Gray on Thursday, November 10, 2011
Rain Water Tank Wheelie Bins are available again this year in Perth!

Don't let any of those summer rains and excess water get away.  Our Water Tank Wheelie Bin is purpose built to be able to collect, hold and transport the water around your garden or lawn. Don't waste any water this summer - get a water wheelie bin and re-use it!

Benefits include:
  • FOUR wheels (140 Litre model only) for easy wheeling around the yard or garden. This is extremely helpful when dealing with a full bin (140kg) of sloshing water.
  • 3 elastic loops to keep the lid shut. this will help retain as much water as possible and stop the operator getting splashed by sloshing water inside the moving bin.
  • Tap fitted with garden hose attachment.
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