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Perth Paper Shredding Business on the rise in Perth

April 30, 2015
If you're looking for a paper shedding service for the destruction of sensitive documents and you're in the Perth area, our friends Adrian and Peter at WestShred are the onsite shredding specialists.

They will provide you with a Lockable Blue Document Destruction Wheelie Bin for you to fill and on your say-so will destroy the documents.

Don't hesitate to visit their website at this address:

Worm Farm Wheelie Bins

September 28, 2012
Are you looking to create highly organic effective fertiliser while at the same time reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill? 

A wheelie bin Worm Farm is an extremely good idea for many reasons: they are highly mobile, are available in all different sizes, 60 Litre, 80 Litre, 140 Litre 240 Litre right up to 360 Litre worm farms!

The wheelie bin worm farms are available in fully customizable colour lid and body combinations, all the colours are viewable here.

Collection of worm cas...
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Spare Wheelie Bin Wheels and Axles are now available to Buy Online

May 13, 2012
Spare Wheelie Bin Wheels and Axles are now available to Buy Online direct from Wheelie Bins

We have made available for online purchase all sizes of axles and standard size wheels.  The process is simple, you select what you need to fix your wheelie bin, order it via the Paypal ordering system, and we'll post it straight to you via Australia Post.

You can also purchase wheelie bin lid hinge pins online if you should need to re-secure your lid to you bin.

If you have any questions, pleas...
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Water Tank Wheelie Bins Available!

November 10, 2011
Rain Water Tank Wheelie Bins are available again this year in Perth!

Don't let any of those summer rains and excess water get away.  Our Water Tank Wheelie Bin is purpose built to be able to collect, hold and transport the water around your garden or lawn. Don't waste any water this summer - get a water wheelie bin and re-use it!

Benefits include:
  • FOUR wheels (140 Litre model only) for easy wheeling around the yard or garden. This is extremely helpful when dealing with a full bin (140kg) of slos...

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60 Litre Wheelie Bin is on its way!

July 26, 2011
The 60 Litre Wheelie Bin is on its way!  ETA : October 2011

We're hearing there will be a few different variations of the new 60L wheelie bin, one could only assume there will be a bin focused on the Kerbside collection of food waste to be used in conjunction with the SULO Food and Organics waste Kitchen Tidies.  The 60 Litre wheelie bin will incorporate a handle which extends up the back of the bin so the operator doesn’t have to bend over to wheel the bin around.

It will be a very handy b...

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Merry Christmas From!

December 14, 2010 would like to wish all of our customers a safe and happy Christmas.  We hope you all get a break from your hectic schedules, and some time to reflect on the year that's been!

If you're looking for Xmas gifts, we have Wheelie Bin Towing hitches available online HERE and for the kids we have two sizes of mini wheelie bins available for purchase over the web HERE

Merry Xmas and a happy new year from!

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Toy Mini Wheelie Bins Available for Purchase Online

November 22, 2010 now has Mini Wheelie Bins available for purchase online for posting anywhere in Australia for one low price, fixed postage cost included no matter where you are in Oz!

Toy Wheelie Bins are a great way to educate kids about Rubbish and Recycling and are hours of fun.  We also have a surprising number of adults purchasing mini wheelie bins for around the office, for use as pencil holders etc.

We have the standard 240 Litre size available as well as the 1100 Litre Dome Top Ski...
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Water Wheelie Bins now available at David Grays

October 18, 2010 is pleased to announce they now have wheelie bins for water capture available for purchase from David Gray's Trade Centre, at 99 Garling St, O'Connor (Perth Western Australia).

The Water Wheelie Bins are a new product to be added to our extensive list here at David Grays, they feature a 140 Litre modified SULO wheelie bin, fitted with various hoses and fittings which allow the user to capture up to 140 Litres of water, then move the water out into the garden and hose it di...
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David Grays & SULO Exhibiting at the Waste & Recycling Conference 2010

September 7, 2010
David Gray & Co Pty Ltd and SULO MGB Australia Pty Ltd are pleased to be exhibiting at the West Australian Waste and Recycle Conference in Fremantle beginning the 14th of September through until the 17th of September.

SULO have recently launched various new products which will be proudly displayed at the conference. SULO Australia recently developed a Side-Loader (grab lift) friendly wheelie bin named the 240 Litre KSB. This new wheelie bin design incorporates and absorbing column structure bu...
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