The Eco Enclosure: Wheelie Bin Surround

The Eco Enclosure from SULO is now available from David Grays in Perth.

The SULO Eco Enclosure is a high quality Bin Surround designed specifically to suit the SULO 80 Litre and 120 Litre Wheelie Bins.

Benefits of the clever design  are as follows:

  • Hooded design will prevent rain entering the waste compartment (inserted wheelie bin), and help to reduce access to bird life.
  • Various colours available provide custom options for different environmental situations, such as Bus Shelters, Corporate Colours, Shopping Centres, Clubs, General Infrastructure etc.
  • UV Stabilized Plastic to Protect from Sun Damage leading to Brittle Plastic and Fading Colours
  • Graffiti Resistant Surfaces
  • Quad Fascia for Advertising Signage

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