Water Capture Wheelie Bins


Water Capture Wheelie Bins with Water Wand

Water Tank Wheelie Bin with Watering Wand

Watering Wand for directing water directly onto plants as you wheel past them.


Water Capture Wheelie Bins with Water Release Tap

Water Tank Wheelie Bin

Water Release Tap for emptying water contents via hose, or watering can.

Wheelie bins for water capture are now available from David Grays.

Ideals of capturing water off small roofs, such as the shed roof, or in more frequent usage cases, the larger house roof.

Excellent for capturing water and wheeling directly to water thirsty plants such as fruit trees for instance, which require lots of water for better fruit.

Each bin comes with a tap fitted, and an elastic loop and nipple to keep the lid shut and the water in when wheeling the bin around.

The water capture wheelie bins are available in all sizes however we recommend the 140 Litre size as the most effective given the heaviness of the water at around 110 to 130 Litres, and the practicality of wheeling around this amount of water.




water in-let in lid, with sliding cover
Loop for locking the lid closed, for anti splash
4 wheel wheelie bin for easy transfer of water
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Other Wheelie Bin Sizes Available:
360L      240L     140L     120L     80L