Wheelie Bin Spares Parts

 Lids of all colours, spare or replacement wheels for wheelie bins, lid hinge pins and plugs, and spare axles for all sizes.

Spare Wheelie Bin Wheels

Wheelie Bin Wheels available
  • One size fits all axles - "click-on" fitting. 
  • Can be removed with simple manipulation using standard hammer and screw-driver.
  • All wheels are manufactured to required standards 


 Spare Lids for Wheelie Bins

wheelie bin lid replacement

  • Colours available include:   Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Grey, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Purple, Burgundy, Black, Orange, White and Food Grade White Opaque.
  • Universal wheelie bin Lid Hinge Pins available.

Spare Wheelie Bin Lid Hinge Pins

Various Sizes & Shapes Available Click Here to Purchase Online and we'll post to you Australia Wide for $14.90 per pair

Spare Axles for Wheelie Bins

  • 240 Litre, 140 Litre, 120 Litre, 80/60 Litre axles available.
  • Zinc Plated for longer life.
  • Available as spares if required.
  • Dimensions available on request.
  • Fits standard wheelie bin wheels, click together connection
  • Connection is (semi)permanent.
Wheelie Bin axles spares
Wheelie Bin Axles Buy Online Here

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