Food Grade Wheelie Bins

Special Food Grade Wheelie Bins available in Perth.

These bins are moulded using virgin HDPE plastic which does not contain any colourant. The bins appear Opaque White to the eye, they are not “see-through” but do allow some light to pass through the plastic.

Food Grade wheelie bins are stipulated by various authorities for the safe storage of food products in food preparation areas. Historically, the colourant in wheelie bin plastic has been known to "leech" into the food products over time, the colourless plastic of the food safe wheelie bins will not allow any colour leeching to occur.

The food safe bins are also able to be cleaned to visually viewable standard thanks to the "pure" background colour. We would like to point out that modern coloured bins do not leech colour on any measurable scale if at all.

Available in 80L, 120L & 240L sizes.         

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80 Litre

120 Litre

240 Litre

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Food Grade Wheelie Bins Perth
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