SULO Organic Collection System 

SULO's Organic Collection System is a specialised wheelie bin for the collection of organic material.

The bin features a base plate positioned on the axle casing of the bin and eight air vents, 4 below the base plate, and 4 at the top of the bin to facilitate the circulation of air and release of any gases created as a result of the early stages of the material composting.

The objective of this bin is to be able to store organic material for up to 4 weeks (prior to collection) facilitating aeration and the release of compost resultant gases and to achieve a significant weight reduction of the waste through the loss of moisture. The SULO Organics Collection Bin achieves all of this with flying colours.

Disk Vents and Base Plates are available as spares should they be required.

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Organic collection Wheelie Bin


Organics Collection Bins  for use in conjunction with SULO's Food Waste Kitchen Tidy Bins: