Wheelie Bin Security Stands & Locks

Single Lid Guard Bar Lock with 120L Size Base-Plate Post

Non-Lid Guard Bar Type

  • Will allow wheelie bin lid to swing right back and over the bin.

Lid Guard Bar Type

  • Will not allow the lid to open further than 35-45 degrees. 
  • Will stop users over-filling the bins.
  • Will not allow disposal of large rubbish bags, or bulk disposal - particularly useful with public space bins.
  • Helps with Fly Control, due to the lid default closed position.
       Basics Specs:
  • Galvanized for longer life.
  • Simplistic modular design.
  • Available with or without a lid opening restrictor bar, which restricts the lid being opened further than approximately 30 degrees.  This helps to keep lid shut during storms and prevents people throwing large amounts of waste away in one hit.
  • Posts are available with Base plate or Concrete ready.
  • One or two locks are available per post, with or with out Lid Restrictor Bar.
  • Colour Powder Coating or Painting is available in your choice of colour, to suit your corporate, council or wheelie bin colours.

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Watch the Video below to see the Lock's functionality...


The above video show s a Wheelie Bin Security Stand with a single Lid Guard-Bar Lock fitted.

Posts can be concreted into the ground or we have posts with base plates available for bolting into concrete.

The video below shows our unique locking action which utilizes a "crocodile jaw" to secure the bin at the handle.  This simple design incorporates less moving parts and less "rustable" spring fittings giving a longer lasting lock.

All wheelie bin security locks and posts are galvanised, but can be powder coated to any colour of the customers choice on request.


Non-Lid Guard Bar Lock

(ready to receive bin handle)

Non-Lid Guard Bar Lock

Wheelie Bin Security Stand Lock Bracket

(Locked Position)

Lid Guard Bar Lock

(Closed / Locked Position)

Lid Guard Bar Lock

(open ready to receive bin handle)

T-Keys available

Security Stand T-Keys for locks

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f 08 9331 0222