Wheelie Bin Liners & Rubbish Bags

We have both Standard and Degradable Bin Liners for Wheelie Bins:

Standard Bags:

  • 240L Heavy Duty Industrial Strength 30um Bin Liners (Black)
  • 240L Standard Bin Liners (Black)
  • 120L Standard Bin Liners (Black)
  • 80L Standard Bin Liners (Black)

Clear Bin Liners: Degradable Rubbish Bags
  • 240L Degradable Bin Liners (Clear)
  • 120L Degradable Bin Liners (Clear)
  • 80L Degradable Bin Liners (Clear)
  • 27L Degradable Bin Liners (Clear) for Office Paper Recycling Bins: Inner Bins Click Here to see these bins

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Wheelie Bin Liners for Wheelie Bins

Enviro-Degradable Wheelie Bin Liners are Available

  • No adverse toxicological effects or byproducts
  • Recyclable (pre-and post-consumer prior to degradation)
  • Prudent to degrade in landfill environment, ultimately taking up less landfill space
  • The degradation process is triggered by heat, UV light or sunlight
  • These Bin Liners are Food compliant with FTA and EFSA
  • Preserves the environments of future generations.

So how does the Enviro-degradable product work?

Exposure to sunlight or heat triggers a two-step degradation process, in which the plastic breaks down through oxidation into small fragments, which then degrades into natural elements of carbon dioxide, water, biomass and minerals.

Today's consumers want a responsible and sustainable approach to protecting our environment while using low-cost, convenient and disposable products. These bin liners are just as strong as ever, they are not affected by moisture and can be used again until the breakdown process begins.